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Bob Glenn for City Commissioner Website

Owensboro City Commissioner Bob Glenn's Website


Bob Glenn is an award winning Educator and Public Servant. The Owensboro City Commissioner is running for re-election this year and needed to increase his web presence to connect with his constituents, so he called AnITConsultant, LLC. His mission statement states, "I believe economic development is “job one” because by bringing new business and career opportunities to our community we encourage long term growth, advancement, and an enhanced quality of life for all city residents." This is why we were so excited to work with Bob on expanding his web presence in this project. We are one of those small businesses.

The Problem:

Bob didn't have much content in the beginning of the project but he had a vision in mind. He didn't have many images of him in action or applicable to this project. As City Commissioner and Educator he didn't have a lot of time to meet due to his various obligations. His budget was tight and still under review when the project started. He didn't understand how all the technological pieces fit together. He had no idea that a company so small could deliver an end result comparable to most larger organizations on such a small budget. He knew many people that had been burned in the past by fast-talking, high-priced contractors and had never heard of AnITConsultant, LLC.

The Solution (click the image):

We walked Bob through our development process and refined his vision through wireframes and mockups of his website. Once we had a clear vision of the types and numbers of pages we needed, we decided on a technology stack that would help us accomplish his goal. We chose Microsoft's latest web development technology, ASP.Net MVC 5, MS SQL Server, and to host his website. The eye-catching website you see on the left is the result of raw heads-down custom computer programming using the latest and greatest technologies available. We left Bob with the keys to this beautiful, hand-crafted, 100% customizable website that can be further customized as he sees fit. AnITConsultant, LLC delivered Bob's website through to completion with 100% satisfaction. All Bob needed was a general idea and our phone number, 270-883-1450, in order to get started. Do you have what it takes? Contact us today.